And like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to hell. Dallas Green  (via simplycasual)

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Control yourself Christian

Don’t do you it

You promised ppl you wouldn’t do it again

Idk what’s wrong with me right now

I’m feeling unbelievably sad right now

Before anyone tells me anything… I don’t even think it’ll help

People have told me the same things time and time again

The same advice to attempt to help me get through this yet for some reason it just won’t work

I wish it would, but it won’t and it makes me feel shitty cuz some of you ppl are making the effort to reach out to me and help me but I’m just not able to accept the help. Even if I do, it’s only temporary and I get back to where I was.

What the fuck happened to my happiness. I want it back.

Fuuuuck this shit

Why is it that when I feel like turning to someone, you are the first person that comes to mind.

Why you…of all ppl why does it have to be you.

My fucking ex of all ppl…

I need a cigarette real bad

Not sure what this feeling is….

Ever since I got back into CODA, dancing almost completely took over

I didn’t give a fuck about anything else

All the problems, the shit that stressed me, and made me sad….it all went away once I stepped into the studio

But right when practice ends and I step out everything comes back to me at once. Suddenly I started caring about all the bullshit in my life. All this over thinking is overwhelming. The shit that a put off, don’t pay attention hits me right back in the face. It gets hard to breathe.

It’s great that I view dance as my therapy but….I’m afraid I’m turning it into something extreme.

Idk what I’m even saying. Maybe I’m over-complicating things and maybe dancing is becoming all I care about; causing me to leave everything else I’m supposed to care about in the dust.

Whatever it is….I’m starting to hate everything when I’m not dancing.

This doesn’t really sound to good. 



the only way I’ll wake up early

japanese prank shows are on a whole other level

hoooly shit LOL
I know I’ll be okay, but I wanted to be okay with you. (via naughty-though)

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Been seeing 5 Seconds of Summer all over tumblr

Especially right after the VMAs 

Never listened to them so decided to do so

And I’m instantly in love with them holy shit


when someone u know irl follows u


this fucking gif LOL

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